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COVID-19 Testing in Maineville, OH

covid-19 testing

Our Med+ Testing Center can offer a simpler experience than visiting your doctor. You can book an appointment online and get your desired COVID-19 test done quickly with results reaching you in around 30 minutes. We offer RT-PCR, rapid Antigen, rapid Antibody, and Molecular ID Now nasal swab tests for anyone who needs to know if they currently have COVID-19 or have had it in the past. Those who need a test for work or travel can make an appointment, as well as those who are exhibiting symptoms or have been exposed to the virus. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Maineville location. We serve the entire Lebanon/Maineville/Loveland area in Ohio.

Visit Our Facility for COVID-19 Testing

Visiting our facility is easy, and you can book your appointment online. Start by clicking “Book Now.” This will prompt you to create an account, and once this is finished, you can choose the location for your test, choose the test you would like to have administered, and select the best appointment time. When your appointment time comes, walk into our facility and check in. We will call you back for your test shortly after checking in, and your results will be ready in about 30 minutes.

We Offer Offsite and Onsite Business COVID-19 Testing

A great way to minimize workplace interruptions is to regularly test your employees for COVID-19. If you have 10 or more employees that need to be tested, we can come to your workplace. You can also choose to have your employees visit our office. If you choose this option, we will keep your payment information on file and process the payment once your employee comes in for a test. You can choose which test your employees receive. 

Schedule COVID-19 Testing for Your Event in Maineville

Maineville events are ramping back up, and it’s smart to test those in attendance for COVID-19. If you are planning a wedding, concert, or other large-scale event, consider booking our COVID-19 event testing services. We can come onsite and give your guests peace of mind so they can enjoy the event. Results will be ready in 30 minutes thanks to our efficient team.

For all of your COVID-19 testing needs in Maineville, Lebanon, and Loveland, consider our services at Med+ Testing Center. Book an appointment, ask for more information, or request a proposal online today. You can also call us at (513) 677-9117.


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