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Workplace COVID-19 Testing

Get Your Business Back on Track With COVID-19 Testing

covid 19 workplace testing

COVID-19 is not a friendly disease. For all that it can do to harm a person, it can also be devastating in how it disrupts daily life and business practices. Simply put, you cannot run a business when employees are sick.

COVID-19 testing can keep you fully and properly informed as to the health of your employees. With Med+ Testing Center, you can get testing when you need it and where you need it. Our resources enable us to diagnose active infections in individuals. As soon as you know who is and isn’t sick, you can take appropriate actions and get through the challenge and back to regular daily life. Contact us today to schedule COVID-19 testing at our clinic or at your business.

What to Know

We offer COVID-19 testing specifically to empower businesses and groups to track infections and respond accordingly. Nasal swabs and rapid tests can spot outbreaks at the beginning. This can help prevent additional infections. It can also help individuals get early treatment, which has been shown to produce the best health outcomes.

Swift and responsive testing can save lives and help people overcome the many burdens associated with this disease.

Test on-site or off-site

At Med+ Testing Center, we offer tests here at our testing facility or, if you need on-site testing, we have resources for that as well. Either option can be arranged based on your needs or preferences. We can send qualified individuals to you in order to perform tests on everyone who currently needs one.

10-person minimum for on-site testing

In order to schedule an on-site test at your location, at least 10 employees (or individuals) need to be prepared to take the tests. This can include employees, their family members, friends, roommates, contractors around the business, or anyone else you invite.

Who you invite to join the on-site testing is at your discretion. As long as you meet the 10-person minimum, we can come to you and make everything easy.


We base testing fees on the number of people who receive COVID-19 tests. The most cost-effective solution is to have tests for anyone knowingly exposed, exhibiting symptoms, or otherwise worried about contracting COVID-19. It’s also a good option for businesses that are looking to shift back from workers working at home to working in the office.

Proactive testing can help you mitigate the spread of infection through your employees and their families. This protects the people who run your business and, consequently, the business itself. Keep things running by staying ahead of the spread of disease.

Your choice of tests

Med+ Testing Center offers three main forms of COVID-19 testing: RT–PCR, antigen, or antibody. These are available both in our clinic and for on-site testing.

Each test has its advantages and best use-cases. Contact us, and we will be happy to explain the differences in detail. You can select the testing method that makes sense for what you are trying to accomplish in your workplace, venue, or home. With the right test, you can get the most valuable information that helps you protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

Purpose of COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing is available for a reason. The diagnostics are designed to detect active infections in individuals. By detecting active infections, persons can identify with greater certainty whether they pose a risk of spreading the infection to others. This can help with strategic social distancing and quarantining in order to mitigate new infections.

Anyone who has a known or suspected exposure to SARS-CoV-2 should receive a test. The test will identify whether or not that person has contracted COVID-19 in order to inform treatment options and decision-making in general.

Additionally, anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, whether they have knowingly been exposed or not, should receive a test in order to confirm a diagnosis.

Contact Med+ for On-Site or Off-Site COVID-19 Testing

We have COVID-19 testing resources available for you in as many forms and avenues as can be provided. We can help you select the appropriate tests to diagnose cases of the disease. We also use different testing methods to accommodate people to the extent that we are able.

With on-site testing, you can come and receive your test as needed. On-site testing is also available. We can bring a mobile testing clinic to you and enable you to get tests for everyone who is in need.

If you want or need access to COVID-19 testing, contact Med+ Testing Center today. We will take care of you.