• Surprising Effects of Using Technology!

    You’ve mastered the art of texting, emailing, and web surfing on your smartphone and computer. But along with that digital prowess, you’ve picked up an unexpected side effect. “We get a number of patients who develop injuries from these activities,”…

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  • Remember To Take Care Of Your Ears!!

    When you plan your next series of maintenance health tests, don’t forget your ears. An ear and hearing exam is not something that needs to be done every year, but you should be aware of changes that could signal serious problems. “At the very least,…

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  • Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking Antibiotics?

    Q. Can I drink alcohol while taking antibiotics? A. With some antibiotics, the answer is a definite no. With most, however, the answer may be a cautious yes. Concerns about alcohol and antibiotics may have their roots in the rubber industry of the 1880s. Around…

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